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Veronique Phan

Creator of the «Transcend your lOVe» series.


Having a partner who makes you feel safe, gets you totally and who genuinely listens to you…someone who shares your vision, gives you support and courage no matter what, and helps you leap forward!

This is the focus of my work: I help you create the relationship of your dreams by working with your energy, your mindset and subconscious beliefs, so that you can enjoy a fulfilling relationship

With an open heart and mind, you can communicate differently with your partner: you express your needs with tact, you can show up fully for your partner, and as a result get the love and attention you desire.

entrepreneurs, artists & change makers

What about adding more harmony, connection and intimacy into your life ?

What about adding more harmony, connection and intimacy in your life ?

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restore PLAYFULNESS, flow and ease in your life

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    Véronique Phan

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