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Hi, I am Véronique

As a Marketing director in the High Tech sector, I have helped many start-ups and medium-sized companies in the Silicon Valley, Israel and Switzerland grow their business, positioning them as experts in their respective industries on an international level.

But what truly sets me apart and enables my clientsto get fast and profound results, is my high sense perception:
I can perceive information that is beyond the scope of regular perception and make it accessible to my clients. Clients can perceive missing or dissonant elements, hidden motives and obstacles, and they also receive key insights about strategies, opportunities that they hadn’t considered before, new solutions.


revealing your true worth

Like many Vietnamese refugees, my parents found themselves in their host country with only their degree in hand. Having to rely solely on their abilities, they have overcome numerous adverse conditions and still achieve incredible heights of success.

Many more people have done this, in fact a whole generation have !
That says a lot about Human potential and what we are truly capable of under the direst circumstances.

Both a Masterpiece and a work in progress…

What if you learnt how to flow with life trials and allowed them to bring out the best in you ?

make your own luck

There is an undeniable force that seems to lift us when all hope is lost, when problems are so big our only option is to surrender, or when we aim to accomplish great deeds.

Some call it luck, the silver lining, others call it karma.

I have witnessed it multiple times throughout my life and with others: Doors opening, investments and opportunities coming out of nowhere, chance encounters that change lives.

Take the time to ponder and recall what it felt like when all the lights turn green, and you felt unstoppable, touched by grace…

What if you could increase your odds of success and flow on-demand again?

about me

My name is Veronique Van Dao Phan.

Originally from Vietnam, I studied in Paris and then welcomed a very rewarding career in Silicon Valley, where I met my husband 19 years ago. We now live in Switzerland with our three children.

Fascinated by the human potential, I am also passionate about technology, tennis and traveling.

I have an MSc from Texas A&M and a double degree in Economics & Electrical Engineering. I am also a certified practitioner in Energetics and Leadership Coaching.

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