I would like to invite you to join my new program “ Ignite your love life”, that I have specifically designed for women like you, really successful and spiritually evolved, who are now ready to meet the love of your life.

Let’s face it, there is no real reason why you haven’t found your soulmate yet, except for your fears, your mindset, and maybe you are missing a few couple of strategies that would help you identify the right guy, help him identify you’re the right woman for him, and for both to clear out couple of important topics before you actually get married – namely money, family, work…etc..- 

 One thing you may not know about me is how desperate I was at a point in my life, when all my friends were getting paired and married. I was going to their wedding one after another, feeling worried and wondering when my turn would come. Of course guys liked me and showed their interest in dating me, but nothing serious was going on.

That was until my aunts and grandma looked at me in the eyes and told me: Veronique, you’re doing this all wrong. This is getting you nowhere. You’re not that young anymore (I was turning 29 that year) and you can’t afford to be wasting your time in year-long relationships. We’re going to give you the exact approach. I was stunned and angry. My ego was bruising but I have to admit, they were very happily married for over 25 years to men who were not only hugely successful, but also kind, smart and good-looking. They had beautiful families and great financial comfort. I wanted that. So I shut my mouth and listened. 

They shared with me many insights that even my own parents or my married friends would not articulate to me. At first I was repelled by their approach, because it was so different from what our culture instills in our mind  but it was straight forward and made complete sense. So I tried it out.

That is when things started to shift for me, I started becoming the “prize” in every group I was hanging out with, without even trying. Great guys started courting me, with serious intentions. Let me clear on one thing though: I played no game and was myself the whole time. Yet guys started bending backwards to make me happy.

It didn’t take long until I met my husband, out-of the blue. As if he had popped out of thin air. After only 6 months of dating, we got married.

Today, I am truly humble and grateful for my wonderful husband of 17 years. We have three beautiful children and have grown quite a bit together. We overcame challenging times and were able to build more trust and love. Whereas thriving times brought more wealth and joy. I feel incredibly grateful for my family.

Now, you know me, I am completely into the energetics of things. And with my awareness and knowledge, I looked at what had created the shiftand how things manifested in their own times. And I can tell you that the advices I received completely changed my beliefs about how relationships work, what men do when they are truly interested, and the mindset I needed to have in order to attract and identify Mr Perfect. My beliefs and mindsets informed my behaviours and words. 

 That is why I want to get it to you because this is what your heart deeply desires.

I was called to create this program for women like you, people who I really care for and appreciate, and for whom I know with certainty that limitations in your heart and mind are the only thing that prevent you from getting what your soul is longing for.

When you sign up for this 5 module – intensive program that span over 5 days, you get a complete framework that will change how you look at things:

  • 5 live group calls where I provide you with teaching and healing on every single aspect of your relationships affected by your beliefs.
  • MODULE 1: Clean energetic slate & Clarity
  • MODULE 2: The energetics of dating: Dealing with expectations, Finding your JOY
  • MODULE3: The energetics of dating: the art of receiving
  • MODULE 4: Identify Mr “Perfect-for-me”/ Embodying Ms. “Perfect-for-him”
  • MODULE 5: Money talks
  • 2 live Q&A sessions
  • You get access to my private facebook group, which is only serving the purpose of you getting support from me and other loving women.

I know with all of my heart that this program will change your love life, as it did for mine, and that you will not dread that area of your life anymore.

I wish for you the same level of happiness that I am having, and I know it is absolutely possible.

Please consider joining this program. And if you still have questions or concerns, please contact me and let us see if this program is indeed right for you. Let’s make the last week of 2020 your best one.

about me

I am Veronique Phan and I am honored to have you here!

I am gifted with clair cognizance and energy transformation capabilities.

  • I help you reconnect with your heart so you can know who you are, what fills you with joy, and make decisions that are best for you. 
  • I also activate and amplify your light potential so you can manifest the life your soul desires.
  • I receive divine guidance that support your consciousness expansion   
  • I help you transform energy blocks, beliefs, and old traumas.

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