“I felt very confident with Véronique, with whom I share a really genuine connection. This is what makes the basis for a strong relationship in coaching, friendship and business. Véronique does not lose sight of what is really important and maintains for you the highest vision of yourself and your project, which inspires others to go further, to trust their inner wisdom as she does with herself. Finally, Véronique is a truly curious person: she enjoys learning about herself, others, emotions, about life…this is for me the place where creativity and knowledge is born.” – Alexandra Abreu Vinagre. (Portugal)

My clients include senior executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, consultants, even politicians. Here are some of their testimonials and case studies.

“My session with Veronique was so incredible. Words cannot describe the deep peace I felt and the healing I viscerally experienced. I’ve had many sessions with others over the years but nothing has come close to what I experienced with Veronique. She is profoundly gifted. Every single person needs to work with her!”
Lisa Stamper.

“Veronique has discovered this rare gift that opens doors, and it is up to you to know if you’re ready to discover what lies behind.”
Luc Trittet (Switzerland)

Veronique, with her sweet and welcoming self, guided me trough a healing process to find my inner light and calm. I have so much to thank her for, but mainly the opportunity to have someone so caring and enlighten by my side during such a vulnerable moment. If you are looking for an energy healer, Veronique is your person ❤️”
Carolina Porto (Spain)

 “I had the chance to participate in two of Veroniques healing coaching interventions.  I was truly amazed for her deep connection, her insights, her intuition and the way she helped us to unblock hidden pains.  I truly recommend her work, since her passion and knowledge  in these two worlds/ coaching and energy healing, makes her work unique.  She is a light and brings light to others….she has supported also her community of women during Covid 19, the Lean In Vevey Circle, with open heart and generosity….Thank you Veronique!”
. (Switzerland)

Véronique is clear-sighted, punchy, and powerful: she always sees the complete picture of your situation and highlights the significant points.  She conveys her messages with undisputed authority, impact and resonance, inviting you to make immediate changes.”
Viviane  (Switzerland)

Véronique is very logical in the way she approaches things – it’s not that she doesn’t take emotions into account, she does.  But she treats emotions the same way in her reasoning and doesn’t allow them to control/dictate the answers – she’s great at empowering people and empowering herself, and I say that in an emotional sense. She doesn’t hesitate to show the other person what he or she is doing but without acknowledging it, and then help them change their actions from their new perspective. This is power of influence/leadership.  It is difficult to get others to do this, yet Veronique does it without provoking anger, resentment or defensiveness from others.”
Angie, Manager (Etats-Unis)

 “Thank you Véronique for your loving kindness. You are all ears for your clients and you always know how to get to the essential during a healing/coaching session. I’m sure you’re going to help a lot of people, because you have the gift of putting your finger exactly on the issue we can’t see alone. Once the theme comes to light, it is easier to “let go” of it. Thank you so much for allowing the caresses of angels passing through you.” 
– Alexandra, Guérisseuse & Médium (Suisse)

*I am a sophrologist and hypnotherapist, and like everyone else I need guidance and external coaching from time to time. Very kind and caring, Veronique knows how to coach divinely, and I intentionally chose the word as she does connect with higher wisdom. She is a perfect union between you and “that who knows”, regardless of your beliefs. It is absolutely an experience to be had where the need for help becomes a journey and not the end-goal. Without hesitation, I recommend her coaching. You will grow and come out different. Thank you, Veronique !*
– ​
V. Egger, sophrologue et hypnothérapeute (Suisse)

“Veronique has got a beautiful ability to help paint the future for others, a warm sense of listening and an amazing transparency in terms of emotions” 
Russell W. , Directeur (Emirats Arabes)

Véronique is very organized, and when she has a goal, she achieves it. Nothing stops her. She looks at things holistically: emotionally and spiritually. She truly cares about others and believes in them.”
– Elena, (Check Republic)

Veronique is passionate and is very well prepared. With finesse and mastery, she touches the soul & the inner world, and helps reveal the path to elevation, expands your awareness, teaches you how to grow through self-observation and slowing time. If you are considering working with her, do it without hesitation!” 
Ana (Italy)

“I would compare working with Veronique to taking a trip where the destination is the journey itself. She offers you guidance with unbridled intuition and insight. Another aspect of our relationship that I love and find unique is its egalitarianism, as we are both open to giving while receiving, teaching and learning from each other simultaneously.” 
Soha (Canada)

“I have worked with Veronique during a very difficult period in my life. Veronique not only comes across as very compassionate but also has a very calm demeanour and an equally calming voice which puts you in a state of worryless calmness almost immediately. She truly cares for you and will try her level best to help you. I was amazed to find out that she transformed me from being very stressed to a calm and stress-free person within no time. She’s a wonderful person to work with and a beautiful human being who genuinely wants to help her clients. I whole-heartedly recommend her.*  
Ranjjite (India)

Case study 1: A star is born.

  • David is a financial director in the luxury goods industry. Sharp, incisive and charismatic, he is recognised and respected within his company. Despite his incredible ability to stay ahead of global economic trends, geopolitical events, saving the company hundreds of thousands of francs each time, David lives with a lingering doubt.
  • Most of the time the doubt is subtle and almost unnoticeable, but when he needs to make important decisions, this doubt eats him up from the inside. Unfortunately this has kept him away from top senior positions, and stuck in unsatisfactory relationships. Frustration, dismay, sadness and anger made the bulk of his experience.
  • What David was experiencing was the result of deep transgenerational patterns: couples in which the wife undermines her husband’s confidence at times of crisis, with repeated scolding, criticisms and blames… Feeling him deeply lonely and disempowered.
  • “When I became aware of that, it was as if a dense fog had suddenly lifted and given way to the light. I felt clear and peaceful. This doubt was never mine to start with, I had just learnt it unconsciously from my father, who learnt it from his own father”.
  • Today, David is on the move, he has full confidence in his genius. He knows that they are the result of sound reasoning and extensive experience. Naturally less prone to criticism and blame, he is now taking the lead and handling all the company’s most visible projects in order to position himself for the next promotion. Regularly contacted by headhunters and invited for interviews, he now takes the time to select opportunities that really appeal to him. Likewise, his private life is thriving as he is now strongly anchored in his value.

Case study 2: At the edge of divorce

  • Audrey is your typical powerful woman. As an international director in a prestigious multinational company, Audrey has broad shoulders and carries disproportionately complex and challenging projects with ease. Enthusiastic and caring, Audrey is highly regarded by her peers.
  • Audrey generally feels fulfilled and nurtured by her work. However, when she takes some distance, she realises that things are weighing on her, that she has a lot on her plate, and that she lacks support at work and in her family environment. She seriously is considering divorce, after a decade of unspoken and unresolved conflicts.
  • What we focused on: Her perfectionism and need for control which translated into an inability to delegate and trust her teams. The most challenging was for her to recognise her needs and limits, to express them adequately, receive support from others, and only to show up when necessary. Unfortunately, Audrey had been trained in her early years to receive praise and affection through performance –good grades and multiplying chores-.
  • It was first quite a shocking revelation for Audrey, which preceded a long phase of acceptance and recovering her sense of worth. However, today Audrey is reaping the fruits of her transformation:
    • Delegating and letting go is no longer a problem for her. Grooming and empowering her team have even become a priority for her, which greatly benefits her company. Naturally, she now gets to enjoy her evenings, weekends and holidays to the full. Similarly, she has learned to set stronger boundaries in her marriage, and as a result, regained a fulfilling, joyful and complicit relationship with her husband. Divorce talks are off the table.

Case study 3: Unleashing the extraordinary

Here comes the story of this really cool company I worked with, which benefited from an amazing growth changes when they changed their company’s core DNA. This company was at a crucial turning point because its main source of income was declining. It was therefore essential to open up new markets within a 2-3 year timeframe.

I took the lead on the company’s marketing strategy, and set out to revisit their unique value proposition before deciding how to position them. The company had a high concentration of cutting-edge technologist, and was keen at developing solutions for niche markets with highly complex industrial requirements. In order to get them noticed, I had to draw attention to their specific know-how through speaking events and conferences, beyond attending fairs.

The big breakthrough came after two years when the company was invited to present at the industry’s most important conference, as well as to exhibit its product in the most advanced technology area, an invitation-only opportunity. The strategy paid off: the company was noticed by the big guys – Amazon, Google, Apple, Intel and Microsoft – and substantial business opportunities with large industrial groups and partnerships emerged. All opportunities that would not have happened with conventional marketing.

What exactly made the difference here?

We created big cultural shifts in order to foster a growth mindset and higher ownership from employees. The company learnt to embrace risks and bigger visions, invested heavily in branding and upgrading their internal processes. The company regained its start-up vibes from early days, and the employees started taking pride in what they created. Also what used to be a one-man show became a great example of teamwork.


Finding the answer within is not just a pretty metaphor: Trusting self deeply,
discovering and nurturing your gifts, enjoying growth.
That is the real challenge.

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