24 codes

of the extraordinary



A complete renewal of your DNA through the activation of your divine codes in order to experience the paradise on Earth.

The 24 extraordinary codes are a true divine gift to those who already have an expanded consciousness. They represent an exponential acceleration, a considerable leap in time, a quantum jump like never before offered thanks to the present planets’ energetic placements.

Now you can experience abundance like never before, be fulfilled, cherished, guided and protected at every moment.
You’re ready to ride the wave of freedom, carried by the Divine.

By invitation only.

the 24 codes of the extraordinary



Recognizing the divine within and around us is the same as saying that we are all unique, extraordinary, deeply free in our choices and that our dreams are possible beyond any limitations, without ever having to sacrifice our integrity or personal happiness. That’s because we are deeply guided and supported in ways our minds can’t fathom.

Calling upon the divine should not be reserved for times of trial when we seek comfort and support, for the divine forces deeply desire us to have joyful lives. When we are happy and fulfilled, we raise the vibrational frequency for the entire universe, which also benefit the spiritual dimensions.

The spiritual world gives us this gift to accelerate our evolution and reward us: It is a gift that is given to those who have “done their part”, who have faced their shadows and met their challenges with courage, wisdom and compassion.


How sweet and exciting to feel chosen, carried by the divine and deeply cherished. The state of grace is a feeling that is renewed at every moment, and follows life’s dynamics. This is what makes it so magical. This is my invitation for you to experience it on a daily basis. When you activate your divine codes, you get to:

  • Know your soul gifts, your zone of genius, and your superpowers, and how you can use your magic to magnify the existence of those you touch.
  • Be anchored in your worthiness and self-esteem, in order to offer your gifts with confidence
  • Discern situations that are right and favorable to your growth, rather than wasting your time and well-being
  • Be just and balanced in your views of yourself and others
  • Receive life with grace. Recognize the divine through signs, gifts, synchronicities and even the greatest trials.
  • Manifest your destiny, fulfill your desires and succeed while embracing your fears and doubts
  • Be generously rewarded for your good work and what you create in the world.
  • Live a full life, crazy and exceptional experiences that make your heart jump up and down, give you wings, and simply feel exhilarated!


24 deep cellular-shifts to transform the energetic structure that holds your current reality in place for a smashing abundant reality, to reveal the Divine within you and to put an end to all misery, doubts and anxieties.

24 spiritual transmissions to activate 24 divine codes and reprogram your DNA.

You currently carry divine codes within you, but these codes are dormant. For most of us, only the survival codes are active and working for us. This makes us feel fear, but also adrenaline, connection, and more rarely bliss.

To live the Golden Age, the survival codes must give way to the divine codes. Divine DNA is DNA that allows the physical organs and functions to communicate smoothly and produce the right chemical makeup so that your body emanates uplifting, prolific and powerful emotions. When your aura emits high energies, you attract divine inspirations, incredible synchronicities and rearrange the universe with ease. Your actions are free of doubt, or restraint.

Because your frequency is unique, my work is to reconnect you to your energetic source – your soul origins – and harmonize it with the divine frequency.
Your divine codes are like seeds that have been planted in the earth: they carry your future growth, including the direction and qualities necessary for them to fully flourish. By exposing them to the divine frequency, we allow them to open, radiate and fulfill their programs, without distortion.  (Distortions are the conditioning and erroneous beliefs that we have received)

The results:

  • The joy of shining by being yourself without having to ever fight again – Whole, Full, Round, and Serene
  • Experiencing Oneness, feeling your heart beating in unison with the whole world, Earth and Heaven.
  • Falling in love with life again and again, and seeing things in a new light at every moment
  • The gift of knowing your wealth within and around
  • The gift of doing what you love, your Sacred Art, and being widely recognized and rewarded
  • The gift of amazing health
  • The gift of True prosperity: to truly enjoy yourself without ever worrying about money, counting. Lifting the cap on your incomes
  • The gift of being loved and cherished by a remarkable partner,
  • The gift of expressing the beauty of your soul
  • The gift of an intimate relationship with God through clear communication, constant connection
  • The joy of a warm home in a comfortable dwelling, where love and security reign
  • The joy of being welcomed with warmth, openness and understanding by your family and friends
  • Respect and recognition of your work, by your peers
  • Absolute confidence ad trust in your abilities and inner guidance.


Your activation extraordinaire is an invitation-only program that takes place over a period of 6 to 12 months, and includes:

  • 24 x 1-1 private sessions in person or over video conference Zoom, weekly or biweekly to enable the smooth integration of the new energies.
    I am channeling messages, consciousness journeys, spiritual tales or direct energy activations.

VALUE: CHF 10000.-

The “24 codes of the extraordinary” is a true gift from heaven, which is offered to those who have consistently chosen to rise above and Love during their initiation period. It is a considerable acceleration in time, a blessing that allows them to reap the fruits of their efforts NOW.

Do you feel that you have passed your trial by fire, your initiation rite with flying colors, and that is it time for you to ride the wave of fun, abundance and freedom?
Then please feel free to apply to this invitation-only program.

about me

I am Veronique Phan
and I facilitate your soul's evolution

  • I am a spiritual coach and I act as a bridge between your subconscious mind and your soul, to help you become the master of your life.

  • From living your sacred purpose to resolving difficult life situations with grace, 
    I support the way of the Tao which is one of harmony, wisdom, and self-mastery.

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