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CHF 250.-

Do you have a particular problem that weighs you down and prevents you from moving forward or blossoming? Maybe you’re not too clear and needing an energetic shift to help you regain your momentum.

This session is a powerful enabler: Zeroing-in on the core of the issue, we are addressing both the practical aspect and the energetic root of your situation, so you can move on with certainty.

Rewrite your life, one session at a time.

about me

I am Veronique Phan
and I facilitate your soul's evolution

  • I am a spiritual coach and I act as a bridge between your subconscious mind and your soul, to help you become the master of your life.

  • From living your sacred purpose to resolving difficult life situations with grace, 
    I support the way of the Tao which is one of harmony, wisdom, and self-mastery.

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    Véronique Phan

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