What if you could get complete closure to start anew ? 

Do you keep on facing several situations in your life that seem to repeat and no matter what you do, you can’t move past them? And now you’re left confused, lost and angry at God, at life, at pretty much everybody and everything in your life…

Yet, you know there’s more to life than this. Suffering is only supposed to be a stepping stone, not the entire journey.

Often, the very difficulty we are overcoming is our greatest life lesson and also the key to access our unique gifts and life purpose.

Beyond finding or keeping the perfect mate for you, achieving fulfillment in your career, accomplishing personal dreams or leaving drama behind, you’ll take back complete control over your life, and become invincible: No question will ever remain unanswered, or situation unresolved, so you can strongly move on with your life, inspired, refreshed and free.


transcendence: the path to true joy

With this 12-week highly personalized transformation program, ease your way into life with the power of Energetics and the teachings of the TAO for ultimate flow, balance, and peace. We focus on 3 main pillars: RELATIONSHIPS, LIFE PURPOSE, ABUNDANCE.  

No stone remains unturned here: Wherever there is still hurt in your life, the winds of love and grace will blow that part of your life, offering you deep relief.

Your transformation follows a proven framework and process, the Energetic Breakthrough Method, and builds up so you can easily integrate inner changes, and enjoy the progress in everyday situations. 

  • The key to thriving relationships is to know what our needs are, communicate them effectively, and cooperate until we find a satisfactory common grounds for all parties involved. It requires to leave behind all kind of inner drama, become generous to self and others, and to be strongly grounded in self-love.  
  • WEEK 1: Focus on LOVE and ROMANCE dynamics
  • WEEK 2: Focus on same-gender dynamics, fostering sisterhood/brotherhood consciousness
  • WEEK 3: Total Detox of your personal energy. This module includes teachings to master your energy, prevent leaks, break unhealthy attachments, set boundaries, and rejuvenate so you feel vibrant, creative and joyfully alive! 
  • WEEK 4: Undo your core wound, meet your Golden Child, the key to your joy and potential. 

  • Until we have a clear direction for our lives, we feel unfocused, misaligned, ungrounded : Discovering the thread that underlies many subconscious decisions will help you center all your energies to create what you are meant to create, with your unique talents and personality.
  • WEEK 5: What makes your heart sing? Through a powerful divine heart opening, you will experience bliss and activate your quantum leap. This life-changing experience will inform the future steps and decisions you need to make in order to align with your bliss. 
  • WEEK 6: Discover your professional blueprint.
  • What is your sacred mission on Earth?
  • What is the thread underlying all of your experiences?
  • What are the next steps for you?
  • What are your key talents and gifts to accomplish it? 
  • WEEK 7: Clearing the obstacles to your highest accomplishments
  • WEEK 8: Soul-based Personal branding
  • The relationship most of us have with money is complicated, regardless of how much money we have or earn. The secret to experiencing real abundance is in finding peace with the subject of money, so that we can focus our minds, enjoy all the gifts of our lives and dedicate our time to what matters.

  • WEEK 9: Leaving all drama behind, the key to enabling your best life
  • WEEK 10: HAVING – Saving, Earning, Investing, Growing, Owning. Getting in touch with the energy of money and abundance.
  • WEEK 11: Intuit your profit. Divine timing, Guidance, Reading energy and Choosing.
  • WEEK 12: Master the Art of Allowing and Receiving.


Spiritual coaching – 12 private sessions (90 mins), those sessions are bi-weekly for a smooth integration of powerful energetic shifts
Live consciousness journeys – meeting with your divine spirits
A complete teachings & transformation framework in pdfs
6 Activation Meditations

Duration: 3 to 6 months

VALUE: CHF 8000.-

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about me

I am Veronique Phan
and I facilitate your soul's evolution

  • I am a spiritual coach and I act as a bridge between your subconscious mind and your soul, to help you become the master of your life.

  • From living your sacred purpose to resolving difficult life situations with grace, 
    I support the way of the Tao which is one of harmony, wisdom, and self-mastery.

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