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They say that the treasure is lying deep inside of us and all we need to do is to unlock our potential. But what does it really mean? and how do we go about that? 

Creating a worthy life starts with finding our North Star, knowing deeply what drives us and identifying that greater vision which fuels our inner fire again and again, so that each day we can take the right steps and love our projects into manifesting.

The workshops serve as cornerstones, and help you become aware of your driving forces as well as your talents, energy, and possibilities.

Workshop: Soul-centered Personal Branding

Your current position or responsibilities do not match your real abilities or aspirations?
Do you suffer from a lack of recognition that is reflected in your salary and title?

  • Through this workshop, you will discover:
  • What makes your heart beat,
  • What are the talents and skills through which you can fully accomplish yourself,
  • What impostor syndrome really is and transcend it!
  • How to transform your LinkedIn profile and résumé to land that dream job. Not only will you connect to your higher purpose, but you’ll also receive the keys to intentionally build your personal brand in an authentic way.

Understanding who you are is about effectively communicating what makes you different, what you live for, and how you make it happen in every aspects of your work and life.

Come join other like-minded women and discover what you truly are made of. Who knows what ideas might cross-fertilize from those rich exchanges and encounters…

about me

I am Veronique Phan
and I facilitate your soul's evolution

  • I am a spiritual coach and I act as a bridge between your subconscious mind and your soul, to help you become the master of your life.

  • From living your sacred purpose to resolving difficult life situations with grace, 
    I support the way of the Tao which is one of harmony, wisdom, and self-mastery.

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