ultimate bliss

ultimate bliss

What if you could take your relationship to a completely new level ? 

Not just heal it, but transform it in the most extraordinary way possible? What if you felt so much love and gratitude for your partner that you’d feel like crying.

This is what your heart wants and know, yet your mind might tell you it’s stupid, it’s not possible and that you’d be a fool to fall for that, that you should be content with what you have. After all, you only see that in movies, that even the best matching couples deal with their own issues, let alone have a transcendental relationship. Having gratitude doesn’t mean that you can’t ask more. As a matter of fact, life ‘s got so much more in store for you. Life is waiting for you to ask for more, life wants your total expansion. How else will you know your divine nature otherwise? Only you need to be willing to open yourself to miracles and ready to experience divine grace.

It is true that extraordinary relationships require extraordinary changes, changes that take place on a soul-level before they materialize. And if only you could experience the emotional depth of your heart when it is wide open, you would not take this so lightly.

Awakening your divine blueprint

With this program, energetics meet relationships: You get a deep inner transformation and a complete framework that empowers you to create a fulfilling relationship for you and your partner. It means that you not only enter your relationship with a new mindset, emotions and beliefs, you also get all the necessary tools to transform difficult conversations, key decision-making, and destructive patterns.

In this 12-week program, be ready to shed the remainders of old mental and emotional structures, prepare to crack your heart open, so wide you can host the whole universe in there. Be prepared to live from the highest consciousness and expand so much there is no turning back and today’s highs will become tomorrow’s lows.

Starting with our first session together, we literally crack open your heart chakra so that you get a full experience of your signature energy, and reconnect you with the Source within you. You’ll know without a doubt what you’re truly made of, and the magnificence that exist within your reach.

I’m guiding you through a 12 step design of your mind-blowing relationship:

  • MODULE 1: Experience transcendence
  • MODULE 2: Energetic reset (part 1)
    • Removing the limitations over your creative powers, clear beliefs of what’s possible, and what you can do
    • Cutting loose the old containers, and any unconscious attachments to past lovers, or old templates.
    • Removing old paradigms of relationships, “love”, couple, men/women
  • MODULE 3: Energetic reset (part 2)
    • Clearing past personal hurts, family traumas
  • MODULE 4: Expressing your soul’s desires (removing all taboos and self-forbidding)
    • Physical connection: Must, and No-Nos
    • Emotional connection: Must, and No-Nos
    • Intellectual connection: Must, and No-Nos
    • Spiritual connection: Must, and No-No
  • MODULE 5: Connecting you to the your ideal relationship energetic container. 

    Your ideal relationship already exists in the field of possibilities. The only reason why you have your desire is because it is calling you towards it. It wants to come into full physical existence.
    • Full Heart connection to the relationship
    • Full heart connection to the partner
      • Full energy communication over the 7 chakras
      • Receiving fully your partner inside of your heart
    • Opening up to receive joy and abundance
  • MODULE 6: Who you are becoming
    • What consciousness do you need to become
    • What part of your identity do you need to drop
    • Embodying your new mindset
    • Embodying your new emotions
  • MODULE 7: Re-arranging your life to make space for your ideal partner
    • Your lifestyle
    • Your space
    • Your habits
    • Your finances
    • Your time
  • MODULE 8: Healing your family relationships. Reconnecting you to your divine Feminine and Masculine
  • MODULE 9: Healing your roots and origins. Reconnecting you to the center of the Earth
  • MODULE 10: Healing your relationship with money. Awakening your source of abundance.
  • MODULE 11: Healing your relationship with Death. Dissolving the illusion of Time.
  • MODULE 12: Healing your relationship with God. Dissolving the illusions of separation.



  • 12 weekly live 1-1 calls
  • Unlimited guidance and transformations between sessions
  • 2 bonus meditations
    • Transcendence
    • Receive your bliss (the ultimate surrendering activation)

This is why it is going to work for you

The only person that can prevent you from succeeding is yourself, and that nagging voice which says “I’m not worthy of this”. And I’m precisely there to help you change that. If you had no resistance to what you desire, you would already have it.

But you are here because it is calling you; The relationship of your dreams is calling you; Your ideal partner is seeking you too. And your job is to believe in it and drop all the barriers and resistance in your mind and heart to receive it.

And I will hold you when it gets scary, I will remind you that your fears are only illusions, and that your limitations and negative beliefs are lies.

I am not guaranteeing you that you’ll attract your soulmate within 6 months, or turn your terrible partner into the most loving human in this planet. But what I know for sure, is that the reason why you accept the relationship that you currently are in, is because you have limiting beliefs about what you can have in life, about love, trust and what is possible for you in a relationship.

What I also know is that you probably never really spent time “training” your partner to behave the way you want them to.

Last but not least, you still hold a strong expectation that your partner should make you happy. It puts unnecessary pressure on them. Your divine is what you’re looking for, and what brings you ultimate bliss. Your divine awakes your partner’s divine. Period. And when you live from that place, you become available and give to your partner at that level. From that very transformative place, you change the balance of the relationship, you can receive and accept your partner as he or she is. That creates an unbreakable trust, that opens the gate to true intimacy and connection.

I am divinely blessed with the most beautiful relationship with my husband. We have thrived through challenging times in the last 17 years, supporting each other through job losses, dealing with caregiving for our sick parents (my mom got cancer and my mother-in-law later got a neurological disease that made her lose her mobility), deep intimacy issues, and my personal depression a few years back. Today we are closer than ever, we are deeply in love, having lots of fun raising three beautiful kids. And we are financially growing due to this synergy we have. It is no secret that when you increase the trust in a relationship, you become more effective at investing and growing your money together. You have each other’s back when you or your partner seek to build their career or business. This is virtually impossible when you have no support.

We never went to therapy or counseling together, it was always a personal endeavour: I seeked healing. And each time I undertook personal growth, I literally transformed the world around me and received even more blessings into my life.


What will be different about your relationship by the end of your journey?

By the end of your journey, you’ll have evolved into an inspiring, trustworthy and positive partner who attracts respect, honesty, love and gratitude. You will become masterful at creating harmonious interactions around you, with your partner, children, your in-laws & extended family. All the decisions will go back to where they belong: between you and your partner only. Basically you’ll make your relationship friction-free.


  • Good times will become opportunities for you to build joy and prosperity, while Hard times will bless you with more trust and appreciation for each other
  • You’ll be crystal clear about what you specifically require, need and desire from a relationship, and from your ideal partner.
  • You will never accept any less than what you actually deserve
  • You’ll learn how to create an unbreakable trust between you and your partner and make decisions that are of the highest good for everyone involved
  • You’ll turn potential conflict into solution-focused conversations
  • You‘ll be able to open your partner’s mind to your perspective with loving confidence and talk about sensitive topics such as money, children, in-laws and sex with ease and calm.
  • You’ll rid your relationship from direct and indirect manipulation, co-dependency patterns and other blackmailing
  • Nagging, whining, scolding, blaming and triggering each other hot buttons will belong to the past.
  • You will have an outstanding ability to remain centered, feeling secure and loving in all situations, and move out of anger, frustration and blame within minutes, even seconds to establish a constructive connection with your partner.
  • Your relationship will become more playful and fun too
  • Your finances will naturally improve as you learn to invest and grow together.
  • You’ll easily keep external threats away, including potential affairs, invasive work, friends or family
  • Beyond your couple,
  • You will relate to others with more kindness, compassion and discernment. Your close relatives and colleagues will feel more relaxed and happy around you.
  • You will receive more appreciation and create favorable circumstances around you
  • You will feel less pressure, nervousness and tension, and will become more focused and present in your work.

about me

I am Veronique Phan and I am honored to have you here!

I am gifted with clair cognizance and energy transformation capabilities.

  • I help you reconnect with your heart so you can know who you are, what fills you with joy, and make decisions that are best for you. 
  • I also activate and amplify your light potential so you can manifest the life your soul desires.
  • I receive divine guidance that support your consciousness expansion   
  • I help you transform energy blocks, beliefs, and old traumas.

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