What does your name reveal?

What does your name reveal?

Do you know that your name indicates what life lessons you desire to transcend? Before you were born, you telepathically whispered to your parents the name you wished to receive, in order to leave you clues for your awakening.

The more a vowel is repeated, the more important the lesson is for you. You will realize that many of your life difficulties and unpleasant situations have revolved around this lesson. Of course, we encounter all situations in life, but some situations are more painful and need to be resolved in order to live a more flowing and joyful life.

A - Purification

Here your focus is on purging: purging anger, shame, guilt and resentment, as well as destructive thoughts that hold you back in some lower versions of you, in a wax that you do not pursue your ambitions at the highest level, not making room for your dreams. Knowing that the universe wishes to fill us with happiness and abundance, if you cannot listen to your heart or give yourself the means to accomplish your desires, if you are perpetually angry, depressed or lymphatic, it is because you feel disempowered.

FORGIVENESS is an essential lesson. The ability to adopt a new perspective, to live in SINCERE APPRECIATION of what you have and of others is also necessary, along with a good dose of COMPASSION for yourself and others.

Understand that not everyone has the same needs, what seems unimportant to you may be crucial to someone else. It is with OPEN MIND that the flow of generosity in your heart will open up, and that judgment gives way to LOVE.

When you understand that everyone is doing their best, including yourself, you will find peace in your heart. This is not selfishness; on the contrary, selfishness consists in making another person RESPONSIBLE for your happiness. Of course, in our quest for happiness, we must be careful not to obtain it at the expense of other people.

Recommended work:

  • Overcome the archetype of the Victim, the Saboteur.
  • Purging of negative, limiting, destructive thoughts and emotions, in order to adopt supportive thoughts and emotions.
  • Cultural and family deconditioning, in order to reappropriate the notions of happiness, success and abundance.
  • Acceptance and unconditional love.

E – Relationships

HARMONY AND INTEGRITY are the foundations for a joyful & authentic relationship.

HARMONY alone can lead to self-denial and ultimately stifle a relationship.

INTEGRITY leads to inflexibility and rigidity if not nuanced by harmony.

Living in alignment with oneself while respecting the other’s choice is a balancing act in finding what is JUST and requires you to be clear about what you want to create and invite the other person to COOPERATE.

When misshap happens, do you tend to blame or do you quickly turn to the solution? In other words, do you start confronting the other person, or do you confront the situation together ?

When we truly seek to do what is best for everyone, we think, act and express ourselves more wisely and invite the other person to join us in constructive thinking. The trick is not to fall into complacency and compromise, which creates resentment and inauthenticity in the relationship. It is better to learn to share what you honestly feel with kindness and simplicity.

Everyone should walk away satisfied when a problem is resolved, and feel LOVED, UNDERSTOOD and RESPECTED.

Recommended work:

  • Become aware of how you feel and learn to express it in a direct and loving way.
  • Trusting yourself and others
  • Vulnerability & Inner Child

I – Awareness

Developing an awareness of the world around you and who you truly are is the vibration of the I. The same I as in “I AM“.

This can be done either through a direct search for the Truth, or through your preferred area of expertise, which will be for you a place of deep learning through direct experience, where you can play out your relationship to things, to concepts and to others.

There are many ways for you to understand the world around you. Make your life a playground, get off the beaten path and you will come out with a wealth of perspectives. This includes discovering new physical sensations through the 5 senses, even going beyond the 5 senses. Also go out and seek to expand your range of emotions. Learn to find balance in discomfort or what usually throws you off.

Go further, higher, deeper, weirder – expand your horizons.

  • Invite the energy of NEW in your life, seek variety!
  • OBSERVATION, FULL CONSCIOUSNESS works, SILENCE can do a lot for you.
  • Travels, discoveries.
  • The reconnection to the body through all forms of sensuality
  • Allowing your emotions to be

O – Innocence

Adopt the innocence of a child who doesn’t care about what others may think, and who fully give suits to his desires, and inspirations in the moment.

He is himself because and he doesn’t judge what he feels like doing, how the essence of him wants to express itself.

To be in one’s essence, to be oneself as we say, is to act according to one’s heart and to follow one’s natural rhythm, to let our body and spirit move without forcing, or questioning ourselves.

It is also about expressing our truth, what we feel. Giving ourselves permission to be seen, without mask or artefact: Without needing to justify ourselves, to prove anything, or to show a particular aspect of our person. It is by being in total ACCEPTANCE of all the parts of us that this can happen: our qualities, our setbacks and all that we hide, ugly or beautiful.

The wealth of our world is in the DIFFERENCE that each of us holds, therefore we must nurture and protect our uniqueness.

When we step into “BEING”, we allow our soul to reveal itself, and to act based on the impulses it sends out.

When we allow ourselves to be seen, we can be loved for who we are, we experience authentic relationships with others, and we find a career that suits us, that taps into our zone of genius, we have full access to our creativity.

Recommended work:

  • Vulnerability & Safety of the Inner Child
  • Balancing the sacred masculine & feminine
  • Acceptance & Unconditional Self-Love
  • Overcoming the fear of rejection
  • Non-attachment to the outcome

U – Boundaries

Setting boundaries does not mean putting up barriers, pushing others away, or becoming inflexible.

Setting boundaries is saying “No, thank you” when a situation doesn’t suit you, but also “It doesn’t suit me because…”. It has to do with indicating our preferences and what bothers us, in order to invite more HARMONY and AUTHENTICITY in our interactions with others.

It includes learning to give back RESPONSIBILITY where it belongs, to others: let them live the consequence of their decisions or actions. This also means not to hold back your truth, in order to not trigger them. This is a huge disservice to carry other people’s emotions. Because it is through our negative emotions, that we can discover the erroneous beliefs or negative thoughts we have, and transform them.

In order for you to successfully set boundaries, you need to become more INTIMATE and HONEST with yourself, your emotions and your feelings.

Give yourself some SPACE: Your defence mechanism is either flight or self-denial. You tend to give yourself less space than you need because you are afraid of encroaching on the freedom of others, but don’t worry, the other person will be quick to point it out to you.

TRUST that the other person is not a poor little thing, but a whole being in his or her own right, who is just as solid, wise and capable as you are. Constructive feedback is never confrontational, on the contrary, it invites RESPECT from the other person, AUTHENTICITY and OPENNESS.

Recommended work:

  • Overcome the archetype of the savior (or even the saint).
  • Overcome the need to please others, to be liked.
  • Own who you are, your thoughts and your feelings (the good, the bad, the ugly)

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